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“OWA is a great experience in a beautiful part of Colorado. All the counselors are really helpful, fun, and flexible. They help you safely step outside of your comfort zone and personalize your experience. I became close with other campers and built good relationships”- Sage, age 14
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Summer is the busy season. The mountains are at the perfect temperature for climbing. The trails are dry and ready for riding after the spring rains. The rivers are full from all the snow melt. It’s time to get outside and explore. Almost every week is filled with guide trips or personal adventures.

Snackin' at the cragThe summer season is a fantastic whirlwind and the explorations are wonderful. However, if you’re like me, you hit a slump about week three of your trips. This isn’t a slump from exhaustion or having to explain how to “tie in” one to many times. It’s the “I’ve ate the same camp food for three weeks in a row” slump. Now don’t get me wrong, if you do it right, camp food is actually pretty good. There comes a time, though, when you can’t bring yourself to take one more bite of trail mix. And you are convinced you are turning into a granola bar. Or maybe you are just looking for a way to add variety to your snack pack. Here are a few ideas to make you feel better about what you’re eating. You’ll also be everyone’s snack food envy at the crag, on the trails, or rowing down the river.

Jerky: Grab some beef jerky, turkey jerky, or shoot, I’ve even brought Vegan jerky. This is a tasty snack that also gets you a little more protein for the day.

Baby food: Okay, this may sound a little weird but hear me out. I had a friend give me this tip when I was heading out on a backpacking trip recently; I am so grateful. They now make baby food in easy to carry and use pouches. And it is made with only fruits and vegetables so it’s a very easy way to get in those nutrients you may otherwise be missing out on the trail. Plus, it tastes surprisingly good (of course because it’s just fruits and veggies). My personal favorite is the Protein Plus flavors by Happy Tots. Don’t knock it till you give it a try!

Dried Mango: This is the perfect treat and pick me up. It’s delicious, natural, sweet, and wonderful. I’m a big fan of munching on this at the crag or on the trail.

Chick peas: I’m not talking about bringing a can of beans on the trail. Saffron Road makes dried chick pea snacks. They will satisfy your desire for something crunchy and salty, but not make you feel gross while you continue on your adventure. Plus, they come in several different delicious flavors.

Kind Bars Pressed: Here’s another way to get some fruits and veggies in while you play outdoors. Each bar is made of simply what the flavor is and is just compressed. Grab a few of these instead of packed full of sugar granola bars for a mid day snack!

Justin’s Nut Butter Packets: Filled with protein, healthy fat, calories, and yumminess these packets fit anywhere and won’t take up too much room in your pack. They’re a great option for a little added boost that will keep you full and energized!

Skratch Labs or Nuun electrolyte drink: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Sweat, sweat, sweat. You’re working hard out there. After a while, you need a little something more besides water. Both of these brands are awesome, all natural, no artificial flavor electrolyte drink. They will give you a little extra flavor and a few electrolytes to keep your body in check.

Seaweed: This snack is light, crunchy, and good for you. It comes in a variety of flavors too. It’s perfect for that little extra something you’re craving when you are out in the back country.

Gin Gins: These little candies are not only yummy but are also packed full of ginger. Ginger is great for upset stomachs, altitude sickness, headaches, etc. So grab a few of these before you head up your next mountain!

Veggie Chips: Just another way to get some more veggies in! These chips are made with pure vegetables, so they will satisfy your desire for that crunch and salt without leaving your stomach feeling blah.

Summer season is here. So grab those packs, grab those delicious snacks, and go enjoy the wonderful outdoors!


Written By: Lydia Huelskamp

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