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“OWA is a great experience in a beautiful part of Colorado. All the counselors are really helpful, fun, and flexible. They help you safely step outside of your comfort zone and personalize your experience. I became close with other campers and built good relationships”- Sage, age 14
Austin, TX


The Outdoors Are So Cool

Ready for the total solar eclipse in Ste. Genevieve, MO

The birds flew off the wires strung pole to pole. In the air there was a feeling of energy I hadn’t felt before, and I probably won’t feel again. My friends and family were giddy with excitement as the sky went completely dark for over two minutes in the middle of a summer afternoon. I […]


Staying Safe in the Mountains: Surviving Your Return

The stoke is real

You’re on a trip. Life is great. The forest is your bedroom. The trees are your bathroom. You wear your socks three days in a row and it’s not weird. It’s life. Returning from these adventures, however, can be challenging. You may smell, but the stoke is real. It is important to remember that others […]


Be the Snack Envy

Snackin' at the crag

Summer is the busy season. The mountains are at the perfect temperature for climbing. The trails are dry and ready for riding after the spring rains. The rivers are full from all the snow melt. It’s time to get outside and explore. Almost every week is filled with guide trips or personal adventures. The summer […]


Learn the Lingo: Mountain Biking

Life behind bars

Starting a new sport or getting into a new community can be hard, especially when that community seems to have its own language. You’re trying to keep up with what they are talking about, but you get totally lost. Have you ever wished you just had a cheat sheet to understand what they are saying? […]


Outdoor Moms, Here’s to You

Moms who mountain bike

People often ask me where I get my adventuresome spirit and love for the outdoors. I think a big part of it was how I was raised. We would often go hiking and camping as a family. My siblings and I were always encouraged to go outside and play. Television was a treat and video […]