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“OWA is a great experience in a beautiful part of Colorado. All the counselors are really helpful, fun, and flexible. They help you safely step outside of your comfort zone and personalize your experience. I became close with other campers and built good relationships”- Sage, age 14
Austin, TX


There is fantastic rock climbing at Enchanted Rock


If you happen to find yourself in central Texas with a day or two to spare and a thirst for adventure, never fear. Make your way to Fredericksburg (63 miles north of San Antonio and 67 miles west of Austin), a small, old German town and interestingly referred to as the “Peach Capital” of Texas. […]


Mountain Bike Paradise in Moab, Utah


Utah is famous for many things, including Salt Lake City, Mormons, and of course the amazing landscape and scenery that covers a vast majority of the state. For anyone interested in mountain biking or rock climbing, a trip to Utah should definitely be one you are saving up for and planning to take. The incredible, […]


Rock Climbing in Remarkable Reimers Ranch

Matt and the Climbing Wall

The city of Austin, Texas has a great range of activities on offer to occupy any tourist or traveller. However, what many people don’t realize is just how incredible some of the areas outside of this city are. For example, if you drive just over twenty miles west of Austin, you will find yourself in […]


OWA Guide Climbs Moonlight Buttress


Well here at OWA, we know the best kind of New Year’s Resolutions have two parts. One: they must be achievable. Two: they must involve adventure! Well our guide, Sean McNally followed these rules for his New Year’s Resolution, as he set out for Zion National Park to climb the ultra-classic, Grade V, Moonlight Buttress! […]


The Best Mountain Biking in Colorado – South Park Crest Trail

South Park Mountain Biking Trip

Colorado is a large state, the eighth largest in fact, and although many people have heard that fantastic mountain biking is offered in the area, it can be difficult to know just where to go in a state so big. Luckily, some of the best areas for mountain biking in Colorado are all located fairly […]