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DIY Valentines for the Outdoor Type

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It’s that time of the year again where everyone is buying cards and chocolate hearts for each other. Or chocolate covered strawberries and jewelry something to show they care. Well that is all fine and good but I’m not that kind of girl. I love chocolate but for last Valentines Day my husband got me a Kreg Jig so I could build furniture and steal his tools. Another year he got me a sander which I was ecstatic about. He has also given jewelry and great chocolate but I loved the Kreg Jig.

Since James works, lives, and breathes outside I decided that I would try and find something that would be perfect for the outdoor kind of guy that he is.

So of course my first thought is to dive deep into the world of Pinterest and see what I could find. I happen to love Pinterest and have all kinds of things pinned. Our board is here if you are interested. These were my top favorite five DIY outdoor presents that I liked. Can’t say which one I’m going to attempt so that it does not ruin the surprise for James.

Top 6 in no order of any kind!

  1. A coffee mug with a climbing hold attached to it! Check out this blog and how they did it. My husband is always complaining that he does not have enough time to work out. Well with this coffee mug he can grip a tiny hold in order not to spill coffee on himself. Brilliant! He can drink coffee while working out and on his computer! Or it can be his warm up for climbing. Get the fingers going. There would also be no mistaking it was his mug and the other guides in Colorado couldn’t steal it.
  2. A new chalk bag from a stuffed animal or climbing rope. Now in all honesty I would love to see the look on my husbands face if I gave him a chalk bag such as  with a stuffed animal but to each their own. My kids would dig it. But I found this other chalk bag post and he might go for this.
  3. Climbing Rope Koozie. We always seem to have so much extra rope of so many kinds laying around. Making him a koozie with a 6 pack of a cold beverage and that is what would make so many men happy!6 ideas to reuse climbing ropes | Recyclart: Image from Pinterest
  4. DIY Bike Stand.  I get tired of seeing my kids throw their bikes down and so this may be a little selfish but check out these awesome easy to build bike stands!!!! You don’t have to have much experience with tools to build these. I love how they have them in a circle. You could even paint his name on it to customize it for him.
  5. The Bike Wheel Bow. Here is a guy that had and idea and couldn’t find instructions so he made his own. Check it out! Our boys got bow and arrows for Christmas and James really wanted on. So I could make him this pretty spectacular Bike Wheel Bow. This one has me curious for sure.
  6. Gear Cork Bike Coasters. These are pretty cool too. You would just need some old gears and you could buy the cork paper at a local craft store or order on Amazon. The only issue I seehere is with small kids mine might pretend they are ninja stars and throw them at each other.Bicycle Gear Cog Coasters:  Picture from Pinterest

The more and more I search Pinterest the more I want to try some of these crazy ideas and great gifts. Not sure which one James will end up with but I’m will to try and make a few possibly. There are also a bunch I want to try making for our house such as bike gear tea light candle holders and a cup holder for my bike made out of a koozie and modpodge. I love the idea of giving a gift you create and make out of love. But don’t forget the chocolate. Chocolate is important!

If you have any DIY ideas for Valentines for your outdoor love we would love to hear about it!

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