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A Review: Reel Rock Film Tour

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“Yeah, Lydia texted me two months ago telling me tickets were now on sale,” my friend said as we ate dinner before heading to watch the films. It’s true. I did. I had been checking the website almost every day to see when tickets would go on sale. Then when they did, I made sure everyone knew.

Reel Rock Film Tour. It’s like Christmas to me. It’s a night to watch amazing, inspiring, funny, and entertaining climbing films. It’s a chance to be captivated by amazing climbers trying to conquer their projects. It’s a time to get stoked and want to send all the climbs. Gosh, it’s so great!

This year’s Reel Rock was no different. So, as promised, here I am to give my review of the films and the stoke level they invoked in me.

Chris SharmaAbove the Sea: Chris Sharma is a badass climber. This time we get to see him tackle the huge cliffs of Spain while he climbs 50, 60, 70 feet over the sea. It was fun to see him tackle these hard climbs, making them look easy, and releasing his famous shouts. It was a great film, but personally I felt it’s been done before. We all know Chris Sharma can climb hard. We’ve seen him DWS before. It was still amazing to watch, but for me, the story just didn’t stoke as much as the others.
Stoke Level: 6

Break on Through: This video. This chica. This huge feat she completed. Each of these things alone are enough for a great story and great stoke, but together? Dang, you’ve got yourself a winner. I fully went into this film expecting it to only be about Margo’s journey to be the first female 5.15 climber. And, of course, there was a little of that aspect to the film. However, it was more about Margo, the interesting, determined, fun, underdog climber and her journey to being the best climber she can be. This film will have you itching to go work on your project.
Stoke Level: 10.5

Safety Third: This film was probably my favorite of the bunch. As you know, I’ve already seen it at the Boulder Adventure Film Fest. But it was still good, if not even better, the second time around. Brad Gobright is the best character for a film. He is quirky and awkward, but also one of the best and most fearless climbers today. Cedar Wright captures this all perfectly while having you laughing and grasping the edge of your seat all in one film. It’s fantastic!
Stoke Level: 8.5

MaureenStumped: I don’t think I’m allowed to call this film inspiring (See film for reference). I’m not sure you can find two more interesting and entertaining characters for a short climbing film. Goodness, I was “lol”ing during the whole thing. Stumped gives you a different perspective on climbing and going for goals. It will also make you want to eat a cupcake, go for a run, drink beer at ten in the morning, and then go send a hard project.
Stoke Level: 8

Reel Rock really rocked (see what I did there?) If it’s coming to a city near you, I’d highly recommend getting a ticket and going to see these awesome films. Plus, it’s just a fun night overall of drinking beer and hanging with cool climbing cats. I’ve got to go now. The stoke is high, and I’ve got some projects to send.

Watch the Reel Rock trailer here.

Written By: Lydia Huelskamp

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