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Austin, TX


Rock Climbing in Remarkable Reimers Ranch

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The city of Austin, Texas has a great range of activities on offer to occupy any tourist or traveller. However, what many people don’t realize is just how incredible some of the areas outside of this city are. For example, if you drive just over twenty miles west of Austin, you will find yourself in some amazingly beautiful wilderness. Specifically, Reimers Ranch Park (located in Dripping Springs) is a truly incredible area of natural beauty, and features over three miles of continuous river frontage along the Pedernales River. However, this park is not just an area of pristine beauty, but the rock climbing in Reimers Ranch is also spectacular.

The park is located in Travis County, and is actually the largest park within the county. It attracts many thousands of tourists, who come from near and far to experience all that the park has to offer. And it sure does have a lot to offer! Whether you are interested in hiking, mountain biking, bird watching or angling for the numerous, large white bass found in the Pedernales River, this park offers the perfect opportunity for you. Furthermore, the rock climbing in Reimers Ranch is considered world class by those who have been lucky enough to experience it.

Practicing SkillsReimers Ranch offers a great range of pocketed limestone climbs that have been tooled for sport climbing. These range greatly in height and difficulty, but by checking a map before you go and planning ahead you will easily be able to find something that suits your timeframe and experience level. Bear in mind that the park is only open from sunrise to sunset, and camping is prohibited. However, one major draw card of Reimers Ranch is its proximity to Austin, which makes it easy for you to visit the park over two or three days without having to drive for hours.

Entry to the park may vary depending on the time of year, but is always charged per vehicle – so if you can fit your whole party into one car you will save money by doing so! The park has surprisingly good facilities, with flushing toilets available as well as covered picnic areas. Outdoor showers are also available, which are greatly embraced by mountain bikers exploring the area in high summer. The park is open seven days a week year round, and weather conditions usually ensure that climbing is available all year. However, it can be cold from December to February, and really it comes down to what conditions you are used to and how much the cold bothers you. While things can heat up in summer, the Pedernales River provides the perfect place to cool down in after a challenging climb. There’s even a rope swing across the river for added enjoyment.

Climbing SchoolSpeaking of things heating up, make sure you bring plenty of water regardless of the time of year, as there is nowhere to purchase or access drinking water in the park. Plastic bottles are fine, but glass is prohibited within the park, along with a few other things including fireworks and the public display of alcohol consumption. Dogs are permitted within the park during normal operating hours provided that they are kept on a leash. It is also important to note that the mountain bike trails can be closed if they are wet or after it has been raining so it would be wise to check before you go.

A majority of the climbs on offer actually look over the Pedernales River, and provide incredible scenery to enjoy while climbing. Without a doubt, it is the scenery and the setting of Reimers Ranch that makes it such a desirable location for climbers. That said, the climbs themselves are both interesting and challenging, and there are so many on offer that this is definitely an area you can spend a lot of time in without having to do repeat climbs.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Austin in the near future, make sure you pack your climbing gear and make the time to take a trip out to Reimers Ranch. It’s not one you will regret. Outpost Wilderness Adventure has great trips planned soon and our spots are limited, so check out our trips or contact us today and we can try to put together a private trip just for you.

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